What is the Age of Consent in Canada

The age of consent in Canada for most instances is 16.
This was raised from an age of 14 on May 1, 2008. However, thereexist several exceptions.

There two close-in-age exceptions. It is legal for anyone aged 14or 15 to have sex with with a partner no more than 4 years olderthan them, meaning that a 14 year old may perform most sexualactivities with someone no older than age 18, and a 15 year old noolder than 19. There exists another exception for people aged 12 or13 to have sex with someone no more than one year older than them.

Another exception is that the age of consent is 18 if the sexualactivity is exploitative, i.e. in the case of pornography,prostitution or with a person of trust or dependency (ex. teachers,coach, babysitter), or in the case of anal sex. Pornography ofanyone under the age of 18 is illegal, regardless of whether thecharacters are real or fictional, so stuff school girl hentai animeis outlawed in Canada.

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