What should you do if you are not very attractive and you really love this girl and you told her but she only sees you as a friend

The best thing to do is give her her space. Absolutely maintain the friendship that you had beforehand, but stop pursuing her as a love interest unless she shows definite signs of changing her mind. There are plenty other girls (and guys, for those girls reading this) in the world for you to fall in love with, and it is 100% likely that you could find someone else, while still maintaining a healthy friendship with this one girl.
In many ways, this could be considered a good thing. You obviously have a good relationship bond with this girl on the platonic level. If you were to engage in a romantic relationship however, and that relationship were to turn sour for some reason or another, you may end in having no relationship at all.
So, which would you rather have, a friend or a potential ex-girlfriend?
This is not to say that a romantic relationship with this individual may not bear its fruits. But, until they approach you with the same level of interest, just keep the friendship healthy as it is, and do not pursue the romance any further.
It is something easier said than done, but in the end it is very rewarding.
– Iszi im in the same situation, its taken me a while to realise that that is the best way forward, and who knows given time you might end up being together, now she knows you like her things could change. It’s so hard though especially the agony of seeing her with other guys., slow down and talk to her, but not too much. ask her to dancer or ask to go on a FRIENDLY date and see what she does. if shes single and says no and shes ur friend, she ain’t a good friens. if she has a boy friend, don’t bother them

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