What state is bigamy legal

Bigamy or polygamy is illegal in every state in the continental U.S, with the exception of UTAH, in Utah you can not be charged nor imprisoned if bigamy is proven. However if any of the parties moves outside of the state then in their new state of residency they will be considered bigamist and therefore punishable by Law. It is consider a Class I felony.

Actually, Utah WILL prosecute anyone engaging in LEGAL bigamy (i.e. applying for a marriage license while married). It’s a 3rd-degree Felony.

Currently, Utah has a law which makes it a crime to engage in UNOFFICIAL bigamy – that is, more than two adults living together in a relationship, but without having had a marriage license (i.e. no LEGAL bigamy going on). There is a current lawsuit challenging this concept, and, as of Jan 2014, the plaintiffs have won, overturning this law. The case is ongoing, however, and on appeal.

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