What traits must a woman have for a man to want to marry

What are you a show dog. You should just be you and have the man your in love with that is in love with you, for who you are exactly the way you want to be. There is no written law that says you have to stay home, clean the house, cook all the food , do all the shopping and rub his feet when he comes home. Go out there and define yourself and find what you like and don’t like that makes you happy or not and then find someone that has similar interests like you, not in every area, but in some. I say a great couple complements each other with their strengths and weaknesses. Like I love to cook and my husband cant stand it, so I do most of the cooking but he does know how and does do it when I am tired or ask. My husband loves to fix things, so he does those things, I hand him the tools, get it……Be happy for yourself……..

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