What words are used to refer to a same-sex married couple

If Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith marry, they are referred to as Messrs. Jones and Smith, unless Mr. Smith takes Mr. Jones’ last name, in which case they are referred to as Messrs. Jones. Mr. Jones is Mr. Smith’s husband. And, Mr. Jones’ family are now Mr. Smith’s in-laws.

Likewise, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Smith are referred to as Mesdames Jones and Smith, or Mesdames Jones if they both share the same surname. Mrs. Jones is Mrs. Smith’s wife. And, Mrs. Jones’ family are now Mrs. Smith’s in-laws and vice versa.
I would like to add that Mr. Jones is now uncle to Mr. Smith’s nephews and nieces. Mrs. Smith is now aunt to Mrs. Jones’ nephews and nieces.

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