What would be the problem with a wife who feels it necessary to leave every time she does not get her way about childish issues

She may not have experience with the importance of communication. She does not know and hasn’t had experience with effective methods of handling anger. Sometimes it can be a good thing for her to “get away” if she needs time to cool off before she says something to you in anger, but doesn’t really mean it. The issues are definitely not childish to her & if you really want to help her, empathize with her feelings. Individual and/or couples counseling can make a world of difference in a marriage. People tend to learn by trial and error to find the results that give a rewarding feeling.
In this case she might experience your reactions to her leaving rewarding. Try to react in a way she doesn’t find reqarding. Ignoring often helps, but maybe something less drastic might work as well.
And if everything you try (or don’t) fails…change the locks or leave. Immaturity is a word that comes to mind. Selfish is another. And we haven’t even mentioned manipulative yet. Being ruthlessly helpful, I’d say it boils down to this. Reason it out with her, OR get her some professional help, or change the locks. Or, all of the above. If a person is less amenable to reason than a stupid dog, or so totally self absorbed that the feelings of others don’t matter, there’s not much anyone can do. Good luck. I do this now with my current boyfriend. I have to say – maybe what everyone else said is true, but when I become so overly frustrated with him I cant seem to think about anything else but leaving. Maybe the problem is with you, but then again you do say the issues are childish.
Our arguments are the same thing day after day, simple things i ask him to do to help me out in terms of cleaning. I ask him to be clean enough to hang the towel on the rod nice instead of mushed up into a ball. Simple task, and it would make me a million times happier. I tell him on Monday, he says ok I’ll do it next time, and he will, until Tueaday comes around and he “forgets.” That happens all week long until I want to leave.
I don’t know what else to say but I think its great that Im not the only one. :X
-Dofka She sounds Narcissistic, in that everything is about her. Most narcisstists are very childlike and have tantrums when they don’t get their way. It is a totally bizarre disorder because they make you start to doubt your own sanity. Trust me, they know exactly what they are doing. They are incapable of a rational conversation. If she is a true Narcissist, you need to leave instead of her -and run as fast as you can!!! SH

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