What’s the longest you should be engaged to be married

I think you should wait at least 2 or 3 years, maybe even more before getting married. i don’t really know, i may be wrong, that’s just what i think. There’s no limit, really. Some people wait a long time so that they can be certain that they are REALLY ready to make the commitment. I’d say the other way around—get to know each other before you decide to marry. Let *that* take 2 or 3 years. Then when you get engaged, marry within 6 months. It is easier to get out of a steady dating relationship than an engagement, and easier to get out of an engagement than a marriage.

Where I come from it’s said that the wedding should take place within a year after the engagement!
Never the less it’s not something that people live by. Speaking from experience, it takes a LOT of time to plan a wedding and most couples here take 2-3 years from the proposal to the wedding day.
My uncle and aunt got married a few years ago – more than 30 years after they got engaged – so anything is possible!

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