When did polygamy become illegal

Polygamy was made illegal in the United States through a series of legal actions and Supreme Court cases. The first case was the Morrill Anti-Bigamy act in 1862, which made bigamy illegal. In 1878, the Supreme Courte case Reynolds vs. United States decided that religious duty was not a defense or excuse in bigamy cases, and therefore those practicing polygamy for religious purposes were still breaking the law.
In 1882, the Edmunds Anti-Polygamy act further enforced the Morrill act, as well as made it illegal for a polygamist to vote or hold public office. In 1887, the Edmunds-Tucker Act was the final anti-Polygamy act. It added the punishment of an $800 fine and 5 years in prison for practicing polygamy. Now, the Edmunds-Tucker Act has been repealed and individual states have their own punishments for polygamy.

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