Where can you get a custom book made

Long story short, I have this idea of how to ask my girlfriend to marry me. I’m trying to get a little custom “kid’s book” titled “The Story of (insert our names)” because she absolutely loves to read. One of the things we do is go to Barnes and Noble, one of us gets coffee and then we just meet up and browse the store. So on this particular night I would ask her to get the drinks and I would be sitting down reading this book in a secluded part of the store (I want it to be private as much as possible) and telling her to come over and say something along the lines of “Babe you gotta read this it’s crazy and weird but awesome at the same time” and just play it off like I picked it up off the shelf (she’s has her blonde moments so I know this would work). After it goes through a little story of our relationship one the next to last page it would say “XXXX only has one question to ask XXXX” and that’s when I will pop the question and on the last page instead of it saying “The End” it will say “The Beginning” I don’t want anything over the top but something simple like a with cartoon animals telling the story of our relationship etc. I can’t find a thing

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