Which is good. ‘Marriage for love’ or ‘arranged marriages’. What are some opinions

As someone who is not personally subject to arranged marriage, I have to say that, of the few people I know who are in arranged marriages, there seem to be pro’s and con’s for both ways. Marriage for love is not a sure thing, in North America there is around 50% or higher divorce rate within two years (the vast majority of which are not arranged marriages). I also know of a few couples for whom arranged marriages coincided with love or blossomed into love afterward, so having both forms of marriage is obviously possible. There must be some redeeming qualities of arranged marriage, else why continue with the practice? The same with marriage for love. Ultimately, the choice must be made by the affianced couple, follow the old ways, or the new. One must assume that the parents involved in arranging marriages, must have the best interests of the family in mind, at the very least, so the affianced person(s) need to decide if it’s in their own best interests as well, and whether their own best interests either outweigh the family interests, or complement them. I believe it would be wise to at least meet your possibly future spouse. Who knows? Maybe you can have the best of both worlds.

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