Who breaks the glass at a Jewish wedding

The groom breaks the glass under his foot, to end the publicwedding ceremony and signify its finality.

The traditional practice of breaking of a wine glass during aJewish wedding has taken place for more than two thousand years.Its origin is stated in the Talmud (Berakhot 31a; Tosfotcommentary).

One reason for this practice is that while a wedding is a joyousoccasion to be celebrated, we should not overdo it (Talmud, ibid)or forget those things that are to be mourned – such as thedestruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. Another explanation is thatthe glass represents the fragile nature of reality and serves as areminder that we must try to spiritually repair the world and workto keep the marriage a happy and intact union. There are otherinterpretations too. According to many Polish Jews, the glass isbroken to remind both bride and groom that this should be the onlywedding either of them has. Since the bride and groom take sips ofwine during the Jewish public wedding ceremony, it is said that theglass is then broken to assure that neither party would use it everagain.
It is also said, only partially in jest, that it’s so the groomremembers it’s the very last time he gets to put his foot down.

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