Why cant Hindu boy marry a Muslim woman when they both love each other very muchby not accepting their relationship you take away their life long happinesswhy does Koran comes in between

Answer 1Think about kids! What if you have children, which religion would they follow! This could lead your children to depression, drugs, etc.Answer 2You obviously love each other very much. However, you do not say how old you are. If you are very young I would really advise caution in your relationship. Though it might feel ‘the real thing’ now, it could nevertheless not be right in the long term and would only lead to heartache further down the line, as it may not be ‘true love’ you have but teenage infatuation as your hormones play havoc with your behaviour.
However, if you are mature and are absolutely sure you are meant for each other then there is always a way forward. Love will always find a way. You can still be together and follow individually your own religions. I know of many who marry outside their own religion Christian/Muslim, Christian/Jew and so on. It is very difficult, though, not usually because of the differences between the couple (as you will work out those differences yourselves). But the main problems invariably come from the family and friends. Too often families or ‘friends’ regard those who are ‘different’ from them (either in race, colour or belief) with suspicion. They can even take out their own bigoted views on the new member of the family. So be prepared for these difficulties.
As for children, it is up to you to decide which religion to bring them up in, or in no religion at all. If it is the latter then they will make their own minds up as they get older and follow whichever they choose. However, again, don’t be surprised if they decide to follow a totally different religion (say, Christianity) or even no religion. Never judge them for this; the greatest thing that you can do for your children is to love them whatever they have or will do, unconditionally, and be there for them – whatever your religion dictates to you.
I hope and pray that you will find the answer, and wish you well.

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