Why does a guy play love tactics with you even though he knows you love him

It could be for reassurance sometimes even when we know someone loves us we tend to play Love tactics because we know the person loves us but we just like to keep making sure:) but this does tend to get kind of stressful on the other person sometimes it even sets doubts of are own feelings. AnswerPlaying games in a relationship (aksing you to ‘prove’ how much you love him, testing you) is a surefire way to have the relationship go down the drain. Truly caring about someone means that you don’t feel the need to test them or have them somehow “prove” their love for you. Be frank with him and ask him why he acts this way when you do care about him. If he’s unwilling to admit or change his behavior, either you’ll stay with him and put up with it or get tired of it and leave him.

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