Why Islam supports polygamy

Islam doesn’t “support” polygamy it allows it. If a man decides to marry more than one woman, he can. But if your’e going to marry many you must treat them equally and they must agree to marry you on these terms. Alot of women are looking to marry but have no luck, so if a man thinks he can treat the women he marries with respect and equity he can marry many. But if he cannot treat them well, he must only marry one.
The main reason why Muslims are allowed to marry more than one woman is because there are a lot of women(poor or widows) (ever wondered why there are more women then men in the world?)in need of support. Especially in the time of the Prophet saws (peace be upon him)
A man needs to provide everything for his wife. There are many misconceptions, and people saying that the women in Islam are opressed. But if you take time to read and inform yourself about Islam, you realize that men must treat their wives like princesses.
In fact a woman isn’t even obliged to work if she doesn’t want to. The man must provide everything for her. When they get married he gives her money for herself that she dosent have to spend for the chores but the man must spend his money on his family. He must also treat her with kindness.
There are a lot of things like that and misconceptions about Islam and the status of women.
Briefly, men and women must live together peacefully and work as a team when they get married. If the man decides to marry more than one woman he must treat them and make them feel as if they’re not neglected at all by the situation. If he can’t do that then he should marry only one.
“Then (marry) only one.” Al-Qur’an 4:3

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