Why it is necessary for a non-Muslim man to convert into Muslim before marry a Muslim woman

Well, see that while it may be advisable, it is really only’necessary’ from others’ point of view; there is nothing stoppingyou getting married anyway, but her standing in the Muslimcommunity would most likely suffer, depending upon how strongly sheidentifies with that community–which, by extrapolation here, isstrongly enough. It might be most advisable for the two of you tofirst explore how mutually compatible your committment to aspiritual path is in general, which might make your decisioneasier.

In Islam, religion is considered to be inherited, not chosen perse, and religion is inherited from the father. As a result, if aNon-Muslim man and a Muslim woman have children, those childrenwould not be Muslims. As a result, Muslim women usually requestthat the Non-Muslim man convert to Islam prior to marriage so thatall of the children will be Muslims. Conversely, a Muslim man canmarry Christian and Jewish women since the Islam will passregardless of the Non-Muslim mother.

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