Will my childs father ever come back to us if he loves us but decided to stay with his wife and 7 other children because the kids were too upset and the wife threatened him to never see the kids again

This guy should think about getting a vasectomy! You should be ashamed of yourself for getting involved with him in the first place. Why don’t you try putting yourself in his wife’s shoes … how would you like to be the wife and he was cheating on you and be sitting at home trying to raise 7 kids! This guy is a waste of skin and has hurt his wife, his kids and now you. Straighten up girl and kick this guy to the curb and get on with your life. By the way, no way will he come back to you and you’d better face the fact that he used you and probably has used other woman as well. He’s been lying to you and never intended on leaving his wife. We all make mistakes so learn from this one and move on.

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