Would a man attend marriage counseling with his wife if he believes there are no problems in the marriage

Many men don’t think there is anything wrong with their marriage and if they are forced to go they often blame the wife for the problems or better yet, deny anything is wrong with the marriage.Obviously you aren’t happy and he’s not listening to what you have to say.It takes good communication skills and trust in each other to keep a marriage going.No one said that marriage was easy and every day each one of us that is married has to work on that marriage.Your husband is not in the right fram of mind.It’s time to start communicating and if he doesn’t want to sit and talk with you (my husband and go for walks and it relaxes both parties this way) and with his attitude don’t waste your money on a marriage counselor.Just because he doesn’t feel there is anything wrong with your marriage doesn’t mean there isn’t.Marriage counseling isn’t for everyone but you and your husband are adults and you should communicate and make some effort to change things in your marriage so you are both fairly happy.Perhaps plan on a vacation away (it can be to another country or simply a romantic trip to the mountains and stay in a nice cabin.)The bottom line … “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink!”If your husband refuses to communicate or listen to your feelings and refuses counseling then you are going to have to ask yourself if you want to stay together because it sure won’t get better.Good luck

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